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What Will an MSIMS Degree Do for You?

The fields of identity management, security and privacy are among the fastest-growing in today's marketplace. The rapid rise of big data, the growth of the Internet of Things, and advances in biometric technologies —among other factors— have all created a great demand for a workforce prepared to deal with new and rapidly evolving identity management challenges. These industries need experts who are prepared not only to meet technical and business demands, but also to make the legal, social and policy decisions required by corporate and government teams. The MSIMS will prepare its students to bridge that gap with training from multiple specialties and perspectives, while the Center for Identity's projects and partnerships with business and government will allow for hands-on learning for enriched and generous career development opportunities.



What Industry Leaders Are Saying about MSIMS

Generali Global Assistance (GGA) is honored to partner with the Center for Identity and join them in their mission to deliver excellence in identity management, privacy and security. As we seek a more secure future where data protection and privacy for all is not just an aspiration, but an actionable goal, we recognize that the first step is to create leaders in the industry with the knowledge and perspective necessary to help combat identity theft and fraud and preserve privacy. The MSIMS program does just that, and GGA couldn’t be more thrilled to collaborate with UT CID in shaping the identity industry for the better."

Generali Global Assistance, a leader in identity theft resolution services in the U.S., is the identity protection engine behind some of the biggest names in the insurance industry. Leveraging our core competency of compassionate, caring assistance, GGA offers one of the most comprehensive identity theft resolution services on the market, as well as a full suite of identity protection and fraud detection services.


What Student and Alumni Are Saying About MSIMS

"The MSIMS program does a great job of tying the dimensions of identity together, sometimes in surprising ways. Researching the sometimes (but not always) oppositional nature of privacy, security, fraud prevention and consumer customization allows an identity practitioner to create and evaluate balanced approaches. The Program’s inclusion of public policy studies has been particularly useful to me… in my current role, I’ve been able to leverage these skills to be a much better advocate on the issues of identity and privacy. Integration of technical content has also been useful; as a business-side manager, these classes gave me new skills which increased the effectiveness of my interactions with my IT and security counterparts. Most importantly though, was the interactions with my classmates- their perspectives from banking, state and federal government, healthcare and consumer advocacy as we studied these issues provided invaluable insight."

Ken Meiser – Chief Compliance Officer- Regulated Business Units, Symantec, and MSIMS Alumni


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Strategic Partners

The Center for Identity is proud to partner with thought leaders from government, corporate, and non-profit organizations, as well as with other academic institutions. Our partners share a common interest in the research and education needed to solve the identity challenges that impact personal security, commerce, government services, and national security.